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Zombie 4

Rating: 3.43/5.00
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Mow down hordes of zombies in Zombie 4. Featuring an assortment of zombie blasting guns. Get the lawnmower in level 7 and mow em down in hordes.

See also Crimsonland. If you like Zombie 4 with it's mutant blasting action then you'll love Crimsonland.

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WASD or Arrow keysWalk
MousePoint gun
Mouse ButtonFire
1-5 keysSelect gun when available

Shoot and destroy all green zombies. Do not shoot red civilians.

Zombies turn your civilians into more zombies. Try to stop the zombies from infecting all your civilians. The more civilians you save the more bonus you earn.

Use the radar screen to spot each zombie in green.

Tips & Tricks

Keep zombies contained - Use your radar to spot the nearest zombie infection point and take out all zombies in the area. If you leave a single one it can quickly convert many civilians turning into a horde again.

Learn to back peddle - When facing down numerous zombies, draw them towards you then back peddle while firing to knock them out.

Keep on the move - Keep running and gunning in Zombie 4.

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