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Take over the board as your Virus spreads in this brilliant brain-teasing game. Assimilate adjacent blocks in as few moves as possible by changing the color of your virus in response to your surroundings. If you do it right, you'll take over the entire world!

Virus 3 is a truely intriguing game of strategy and skill.

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MouseClick the colored boxes at the bottom of the screen to choose which color to grow your virus.

Click on the different color chips at the bottom of the screen to change the color of your Virus. Make sure to change it to a color that is touching your existing virus, so you can grow.

Tips & Tricks

Branch Out - Move as quickly as you can horizontally and vertically across the board. Assimilating all the squares next to you isn't as important as getting long and tall fast!

    • Jun 20 2007 - Rachael K.
      This game is so addictive. I spent hours playing it and each time got a little higher in level. If you're really bored, this is the perfect game.
    • Dec 6 2006 - Kathryn C.
      Intriguing game with the ability to pique all levels of ability. It is a game for everyone regardless of skill. I very much like the non-timed aspect, as you can plan several moves ahead. Challenging!
    • Aug 12 2006 - Banana
      This games is a fun filled mind thriller. Everyone who wants a challenge should try Virus 3. Any one can play this great game, wether you want an easy or hard game, You choose between 5 or 7 colors!
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