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Turbo Tanks

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Turbo Tanks is great tank fighting fun featuring excellent computer AI. Can you get all the way to level 15 and defeat two enemy tanks at a time?

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Up ArrowMove forward
Down ArrowMove backward
Left ArrowTurn left
Right ArrowTurn right
Ctrl KeyFire
1 KeyStart single player game
2 KeyStart 2 player game (on same computer)
C KeyEnter password to start from higher level
P KeyPause game

Destroy the enemy tanks before they destroy you. It takes 10 hits to destroy each tank. The status of your tank and the enemy tanks are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

If you are destroyed and do not have atleast 1 bonus live left then the game is over. You earn 1 bonus live for each level you win. You lose 1/10 of a bonus live for each hit you take from enemy during a level.

Tips & Hints: Build up your bonus lives by taking as few hits from enemy tanks as possible.

Find a good position to take enemy tanks out from. Do not stand still, keep your tank mobile within that good position. Abandon a position if overwhelmed. Move forward when firing and then reverse away after firing when appropriate.

Keep constant fire to keep the enemy off balance. When you fire, turn your tank slightly while letting a volley 5 shots to get a wide range and maximum chance of a hit. The computer tanks can't as easily avoid a wide volley of shots.

Use angle shots to your advantage. Try to trap enemy tanks in bad positions where shots will richochet all about them and take many hits.

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