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In Tiki Balls you have angered the gods by disturbing their resting place. Forced to wear a cursed mask, Thane the trickster must navigate his way through more than 20 wonderful levels to lift the curse.

Tiki Balls uses an incredibly simple click-and-drag mechanic, easy to learn but full of complexity at the higher levels. Change the color of your Tiki Balls dynamically to break different color bricks and collect powerballs, and make sure to pay attention to your surroundings!

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MouseClick and drag to deflect Tiki Balls
Up ArrowChange Tiki Ball color
Down ArrowUse powerup

Tiki Balls has a great in-game tutorial that will introduce each concept to you slowly so you have time to master it. Pay attention and learn each new skill, you'll need it to master the harder levels!

Tips & Tricks

Am I Black or White? - You'll need to be both in order to win. Be ready to switch back and forth between black and white Tiki Balls using the up arrow to break bricks correctly.

First One's Free - Try the different powerups in the game to see which ones work best with your style. The powerups are not essential during the first part of the game, but will make your life much easier if you learn to master them.

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