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The 5th installment of the legendary Submachine series, Submachine 5, awaits! Explore the root of the submachine and see how deep this rabbit hole really goes.

Submachine 5 the biggest and most puzzling series returns, as usual: totally free!

Stuck? Check out our complete Walkthrough! Congrats to Vvicked, first user to solve and submit a complete walkthrough!

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MouseClick on doorways and ladders to move around. Click on inventory items to use them in key places.

Submachine 5 is a game of puzzle solving, try to think outside the box; sometimes you have to go somewhere else to complete the task at hand.

Tips & Tricks

A Handy Notebook - For the first time you have automatically recorded notes that will give you key bits of information you spot.

Beam me up! - Again you've got access to teleportation technology; so be sure to try a different location through the teleporter if you're stuck.

Still Stumped? - If you're still having a hard time, we have a complete walkthrough of the game. It's a spoiler, so only try this if you really can't figure out what to do next. Click here to see the complete Submachine 5 walkthrough.

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