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Your goal on Stunt Bike Island is to rack up point by catching air and pulling insane stunts and trick moves! More air equals more points. Nailing a mid-air stunt doubles the points for a jump!

With three different islands to exlore, the ability to customize your bike, and hundreds of cool jumps and stunts to perform, Stunt Bike Island will keep you entertained for hours!

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Arrow KeysPedal, brake, and steer
Space BarJump
S KeyDo a Stunt!

The key is to catch enough air to do the big tricks and rack up the big points. That, and avoiding running into anything.

Tips & Tricks

Tiki Time - Tikis can double or quadruple your score, so try to hit one of these in mid-air as you pull your best tricks.

Hop To It - To increase your hop (jump) distance and get even more points, pick up the flowers or mega drink powerups.

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