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In Square Shooter you are a square out to destroy all other squares. Which square are you? You're the one firing lots and lots of bullets!

The action gets pretty intense but you're up for the challenge. Don't be square - play Square Shooter now!

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Play Square Shooter free online.

MouseMove your square.

There's not much you need to know to become a Square Shooter expert, but one thing that will help you avoid carpal tunnel syndrome is that your square fires constantly - no need to click the mouse button!

Tips & Tricks

Red Plus Powerup - The red plus powerup will turn you into Super Square, letting you run over and smash all the other squares. Your gun is disabled while this powerup is active.

Red Minus Powerup - This powerup is almost as exciting as the other one, but not quite. It supercharges your bullets so they go keep going even after they hit and destroy a square.

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