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Snipe the sniping snipers with Sniper Defense! You are the only guardian of the castle and you must fend off wave after wave of suicidal creatures bent on your destruction.

In Sniper Defense you can choose from 6 different characters, each with his or her own special powers. Ready, aim, fire!

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Left Mouse ButtonFire

Visibility is key - if you can't see where the enemy is, how can you shoot him? Remember to move your mouse around so you always know where the bad guys are.

Tips & Tricks

Stay in Character - Each character has his or her own special powers - make sure to select a character that is compatible with your style of play. No one character is best, but one might be best for you.

I See Your True Colors - A large part of the game is knowing which color characters to shoot (or not shoot) and where. Once you know your pink bombers from your blue bombers, you'll be well on your way!

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