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Eat your way to the top in the most hilarious, crazy Flash game we've seen in years: Shark Mountain! You are a Great White Shark who lives on a mountain, and agents from all over the world are trying to blow up your home. Stop them the only way a shark can: by eating them! The carnage on top of Shark Mountain is sure to be legendary. While you're at it, why not snack on a helicopter or two?

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Arrow KeysMove your shark!

Once you've accepted the unlikely but hilarious premise of the game, the rest is easy. Just sit back, relax, and eat hundreds if not thousands of agents trying to blow up your Shark Mountain.

Tips & Tricks

Swim Close to the Surface - Since the agents are all close to the surface, you should be, too. Make sure not to dive too deep unless you need to really build up some speed to eat a helicopter or one of the powerup bubbles.

Badges? We don't need no.... - Shark Mountain rewards you for both success and failure. Check the Badges section on the main menu to see how you're doing - if you are playing the game and hear a strange voiceover chances are you just unlocked another badge. Our favorite: Epic Failure!

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