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Enter a paradise of word game fun with Shangri La. In this unique word game, remove letter tiles from the screen by forming words. As you solve each puzzle, you'll unlock new doors and new challenges.

Featuring a delightful storyline, 48 brain-bending levels, and gorgeous full screen graphics, Shangri La is a wonderful addition to any word enthusiast's library.

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MouseClick on the letters to make words at the bottom of the screen.

Make words with the available letter tiles. A tile is available when at least two adjacent sides are free. The tile will turn yellow when it is free. When you have made a word in the word board, click on the 'enter' button. Continue making words until the star tiles is free on all sides; when you have done this, you have solved the puzzle!

Tips & Tricks

No Need to Connect - When making words, the letters you use can come from anywhere on the game board - they do not need to be next to each other or connect in any way. As long as they are golden (available) you can use them!

Star Power - Remember, the key to passing the level is to free the star - don'g get so distracted making words to use up all the letters that you forget to win the level!

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