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In School Invaders, a horde of ugly and ill-mannered aliens have descended on the school house and are up to no good! It's up to you to free your classmates and blast them back where they came from, once and for all.

School Invaders is a challenging shooter involving more than just hand-eye coordination. It will take fierce determination to free your school from the clutches of the alien invaders - are you up for the challenge?

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Left Mouse ButtonMove characters
Click-and-Drag RectangleSelect multiple characters

Think you've got what it takes to drive off the School Invaders once and for all?

Tips & Tricks

Baby Steps - Take very small steps - you never know when an alien will appear. If you go too far you'll be surrounded and unable to shoot your way out, so take baby steps everywhere you go.

Free Your Friends - The more guns you have, the better - it will make your job much easier if you can round up all your friends and keep them alive!

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