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The time of the Iron War is here! Command your armed and armored train to supply the troops with weapons and fuel. Powerful trains and awesome weapons are at your disposal to take on the enemy.

Rail of War is a huge action-packed strategy game that will let you fight over 10 massive missions. Every mission unlocks new trains, weapons and maps. Play Rail Rage mode and shoot for the fastest times.

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MouseAim your weapons, click to fire.

Everyone loves to play with trains - especially if they have big guns on them!

Tips & Tricks

How Fast Can You Go? - It's tempting to crank up the speed and see how fast you can go, but you're guaranteed to run into more enemies than you can handle. Take things slowly and you'll live longer.

Refuel, Fool! - Trains take a lot of gas, so make sure to refuel every chance you get! Hit the red Full Stop button to refuel and repair when you are in a compound.

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