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Radical Aces

Rating: 3.73/5.00
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Space jet figther flying with ship to ship combat.

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Up ArrowMove up
Down ArrowMove down
Left ArrowRoll left
Right ArrowRoll right
+ KeySpeed up / Start ship
- KeySlow down
J KeyJump to light speed when under heavy fire
R KeyShow radar screen
M KeyMusic on / off
S KeySound on / off
SpaceKey Fire

HINTS: Keep your ship above 70 kps and your shots will auto aim. Note, enemy shots may also auto aim. Use J key to jump to lightspeed to avoid evade heavy enemy fire.

Attack and destroy all enemies on each level to progress to the next level. Protect your friendly base in the middle. There is a total of 15 missions plus an extra last one where you meat the alien boss!

Taking off and controlling speed
To take off increase your speed above the medium speed. When you increase the speed the following speed gage will appear. Keep your speed in the flying range or your ship will lose altitude.

Moving ship up and down
Push and pull your ship's nose down and up using the up and down keyboard arrows. Note, pressing the up arrow means push down and pressing the down arrow means pull up:

Controlling your ship left and right
To turn your ship, rotate its axis using the left and right keyboard arrows. To turn even faster rotate the axis to a 90 degrees angle and then pull up by pressing the down arrow:

Jumping into light speed momentarily
Press the J key to fly at the speed of light for a moment. This is essential when you are under heavy fire and want to escape or have an enemy on your tail.

Recharging your ship
You will need to recharge your ship when its damage is critical or when the number of light speed jumps expires.
- Recharge your ship by flying through the recharging gate:

The gate is located right behind your runway.

Good Luck!

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