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Quibble Race

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What's a Quibble you ask? They're the cutest little creature you've ever seen and for some reason they love to race. Place you bets, it's off to the races in Quibble Race.

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MouseClick to select various items

In Quibble Race the idea is to race your Quibble and win to gain large prize purses. Much like in horse racing.

Use your prize money to train your Quibble to become and even better racer. Use secret items to give your Quibble temporary boosts or even harm the other Quibbles. Just be careful as the other trainers can do the same to you.

Tips & Tricks

Bet on the top dog - put you get on the most consistent winner.

Use special - put shackles or other bad items on the next best winner. We aware the others are looking to do the same to you so if your Quibble has a huge win %, use the guard to keep them from affecting you.

Use loan shark - borrow as much money as possible and bet the max on each race to win as much as possible. It's not like it's real money afterall, and this load shark can't break your real legs :-)

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