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Flying Fish Quest
Match3 + HO = double the pleasure! New! 
Fantasy Mosaics 25 - Wedding Ceremony
Fantasy Mosaics 25 - Wedding Ceremony New! 
Rise of Atlantis Bring back the legend Solitaire - Match 2 Cards - Thanksgiving Day Enjoy turkey day with this exciting solitaire game Thanksgiving Day Mosaic Happy holidays with Thanksgiving Day Mosaic!
Fantasy Mosaics 24 - Deserted Island Join the penguins on their journey! New!  Jewel Quest 2 Long live the Quest! Jewel Quest 5 The Sleepless Star
Griddlers Legend of the Pirates All hands on deck! New!  MatchVentures Explore the dungeons of Cliffmont Castle. New!  Galapago Collect beautiful creatures
Queen's Garden - Sakura Season The sweetest sakura season garden ever! New!  Puzzle Express All aboard the puzzle express Cubis Kingdoms Collector's Edition Make matches. Collect elements. Save the world! New! 
Dragon Soul and Sorceress Match-3 Double Pack An action packed math-3 bundle! New!  Fantasy Mosaics 12 - Parallel Universes Join our penguin on a new mosaics journey! Flowers Mosaics A challenging mosaic puzzle experience! New! 
Jewel Quest 4 The best quest yet Rainbow Mosaics - The Forest's Guardian Meet the Forestís Guardian Rainbow Web 3 Untangle the web
More great puzzle games
The Far Kingdoms - Spooky Mosaics New!  Jewel Quest 6 Pick and Tick New! 
Secrets of Magic 3 - Happy Halloween New!  Secrets of the Dark - The Dark Flower of Shadow CE World Mosaics 8 - Fiction Fixers
Zoombinis Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders The Trials of Olympus II - Wrath of the Gods
The Trials of Olympus III - King of the World Big Kahuna Reef 3 Fantasy Mosaics 22 - Summer Vacation
Gingerbread Story New!  Boulder Match 5 New!  Call of the Ages
Clear It 2 New!  Cursed House 4 New!  Fantasy Mosaics 20 - Castle of Puzzles
Fetch Jewel Match Twilight Lost Amulets - Mystic Land
Medieval Mystery Match New!  Rainbow Mosaics - Blooming Garden Artifact Quest 2 New! 
Fantasy Mosaics 19 - Edge of the World Fantasy Mosaics 23 - Magic Forest New!  Nonograms - Malcolm and the Magnificent Pie New! 
World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 2 Laruaville 4 Liong: The Lost Amulets
Order of the Rose Quest of the Dragon Soul Silver Tale
Snoopy Snails New!  Treasures of Persia New!  Treasures of the Inca New! 
Best of Hidden Object Value Pack Vol. 3 Christmas Griddlers - Journey to Santa Fantasy Mosaics 21 - On the Movie Set
Fishdom 2 Mystery Mosaics 2 Royal Trouble - Honeymoon Havoc
The Last Dream Awakening - The Red Leaf Forest Clear It
Elly's Cake Cafe New!  Haunted Hotel - Ancient Bane Laruaville 6
Number World Adventure New!  Passage 4 Rainbow Mosaics - Christmas Lights 2
Sophia's Pizza Restaurant The Lost Inca Prophecy 1001 Jigsaw - Home Sweet Home New! 
Cubis Gold Fantasy Mosaics 15 - Ancient Land Fantasy Mosaics 18 - Explore New Colors
Grim Tales - Bloody Mary Holiday Mosaics - Halloween Puzzles Jewel Match Royale
Laruaville 5 Mountain Trap 2 - Under the Cloak of Fear The Far Kingdoms - Garden Mosaics New! 
Whispered Secrets - Into the Beyond CE World Mosaics 7 Christmas Mosaic Puzzle
Cursed House 3 Danse Macabre - The Last Adagio Dark Dimensions - City of Ash CE
Dark Parables - Ballad of Rapunzel CE Dark Strokes - The Legend of the Snow Kingdom Fairy Quest Match 3 Double Pack
Fairytale Mosaics Beauty And The Beast 2 New!  Fantasy Mosaics 11 - Fleeing from Dinosaurs Fantasy Mosaics 17 - New Palette
Ice Crystal Adventure New!  Imperial Island 3 - Expansion India Garden
Mosaics Galore 2 Myths of the World - Spirit Wolf Penguin Rescue
Phenomenon - Outcome Queen's Garden Halloween Rainbow Mosaics - Christmas Lights
Tales of Terror - House on the Hill The Lost Labyrinth 5 Star Rio Resort
Atlantic Quest 3 Botanica - Earthbound Cat on A Diet
Chateau Garden Christmas Stories 3 - Tin Soldier CE Fairy Tale Griddlers - Red Riding Hood Secret
Fantasy Mosaics 16 - Six Colors in Wonderland Grim Facade - A Wealth of Betrayal Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Stash
Mosaic - Game of Gods II Nevertales - The Beauty Within Nevertales - The Beauty Within CE
Ricky Raccoon 2 Shadow Wolf Mysteries - Under the Crimson Moon Space Mosaics
Spring Mosaics Tangled Up! The Far Kingdoms - Magic Mosaics
The Secret of Arcanesium Claws & Feathers Claws & Feathers 3
Crime Stories - Days of Vengeance Dark Dimensions - City of Ash Dark Dimensions - Somber Song
Fantasy Mosaics Super Pack - Volume 2 Forgotten Tales - Day of the Dead Gizmos Interstellar Voyage
Grim Facade - A Wealth of Betrayal CE Hidden Expedition - The Crown of Solomon Jewel Tree
Living Legends - Wrath of the Beast CE Marble Duel Off the Record - The Linden Shades
Showing Tonight Mindhunters Incident Spellarium Spirits of Mystery - The Silver Arrow
The Treasures of Montezuma 5 Treasures of Montezuma 2 in 1 Bundle World Mosaics 4
BLOX HS 1001 Jigsaw World Tour - Asia 4 Elements 2
Age of Heroes - The Beginning Best of Hidden Object Value Pack Vol. 2 Bridge to Another World - Burnt Dreams
Bubble Double Christmas Puzzle 3 Cursery - The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat
Dangerous Games - Prisoners of Destiny CE Dark Strokes - The Legend of the Snow Kingdom CE Dreampath - The Two Kingdoms
Fairytale Mosaics Beauty And The Beast New!  Farmscapes Four Seasons Around the World - Spring in Japan
Great Match-3 Games Pack New!  Grim Legends - Song of the Dark Swan Haunted Hotel - Ancient Bane CE
Hidden Clues I Heart You Too Legend of Egypt - Jewels of the Gods CE
Medieval Mysteries Double Pack Mysterium - Lake Bliss Collector's Edition Nonograms - Wolf's Stories
Ominous Tales - The Forsaken Isle Rainbow Mosaics - Love Legend Redemption Cemetery - Bitter Frost
Rescue Quest Gold Collector's Edition Rite of Passage - Hide and Seek CE Sea of Lies - Nemesis CE
The Enthralling Realms - Curse of Darkness New!  Treasures of Montezuma 2 World Keepers - Last Resort
World's Greatest Places Mosaics 2 New!  1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 3 7 Gates
Alice's Jigsaw Wonderland Chronicles 2 Arizona Rose Puzzle Pack Asian Riddles 4
Big Brain Wolf Crop Busters Darkness and Flame - Born of Fire CE
Dependable Daisy - The Wedding Makeover DragonScales 3 - Eternal Prophecy of Darkness Egypt Picross - Pharaoh's Riddles
Fantasy Mosaics 14 - The Fourth Color Fantasy Mosaics Super Pack - Volume 3 Forest Legends - Call of Love CE
Forgotten Books - The Enchanted Crown CE From the Sky Fruit Lockers Reborn 2
Gems of the Aztecs Heroes of Hellas 2 Heroes of Hellas 3
Holiday Jigsaw Easter 4 Holiday Jigsaw Valentine's Day 4 Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles
Jewel Story Legends of the East - The Cobra's Eye CE Lost Island - Mahjong Adventure
Lost Lands - The Wanderer CE Maze Lord Mystery and Murder Double Pack
Myths of the World - Stolen Spring CE Nevertales - Shattered Image CE New York Mysteries - The Lantern of Souls CE
Nightmares from the Deep - Davy Jones CE Parallels Cross Pirate Mosaic Puzzle - Caribbean Treasures
Punished Talents - Seven Muses Rat and Louie - Cook from the Heart Rescue Quest Gold
Ricky Raccoon Sable Maze - Forbidden Garden
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