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PLANned is like no puzzle you've ever seen before. Part IQ test, part fun Flash game, you'll be scratching your head as you try to connect all the squares together in the correct sequence.

If you're planning for a night of puzzle relaxation, think again. PLANned is total brain-teasing madness!

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MouseClick on squares to enlarge them.

PLANned has just a few simple rules. You can't click the same square more than three times per level. Also, you can't click the same square twice in a row. That means to click a square more than once you'll have to click it, then click another square, then come back to the original one and click again.

Tips & Tricks

Indentify and Clickify - Identify your key "problem blocks" early on, then click back and forth between them to grow them to the desired size.

Watch the Itty Bitties - In the larger puzzles, it's actually the smaller squares that will give you the most trouble, especially if they are close together!

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