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In Pimp My Zombie you select one of three different monsters to dress up any way you like! Choose from crazy faces, backgrounds, and items to personalize it just the way you want.

Then, when you're done, you can send your personalized monster to a friend! Pimp My Zombie is here to make Halloween fun again!

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MouseSelect items to add them to your monster
MouseClick the undo button or click an item again to remove it

In Pimp My Zombie you can stack layers and layers of different items on top of each other, experiment to see what works!

Tips & Tricks

Take That Back! - You can always remove items after you've added them. Just hit the Undo buton (top of screen) or go back and click the button for that item again to take it off.

Email Monsters - The best part of making a crazy monster is sharing it with a friend. When you're done, hit the Finished! button at the top of the screen to send it to your friends.

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