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N Way of the Ninja is one of the best platform run-and-jump games we've ever seen. Unlimited levels, crazy mazes and hardcore enemies make N Way of the Ninja hard to stop playing.

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arrowsRun left / right
Shift or ZJump
KDie (if stuck)

Can you steal all the gold and escape from each level without being killed by the mechanical sentries?

Use jump pads to move vertically throughout the levels. You can also kick off of walls to move up, but more slowly. Touch switches to open doors and the way out for each level.

Tips & Tricks

Watch Out For Crosshairs - If one of the crosshairs hits you, the attached laser cannon will make short work of you ninja.

Keep Moving - If you stay still for too long, the various sentries, missiles, and laser cannons will catch up to you. The best way is to keep moving at all times, never slow down.

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