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In Ninja Hunter it's up to you to defend the temple against an army of invading Ninjas! The only qualification: can you spell 'Ninja'? We sure hope so, because spelling correctly and quickly is the only way to stave off this martial arts onslaught.

With five different types of Ninjas to defeat and a collection of minigames thrown in for good measure, Ninja Hunter is Ninja hunting fun for everyone!

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KeyboardType to strike down enemy ninjas
1,2,3Use special powers once your rage bar is full
Up ArrowTap quickly if stunned from enemy shuriken

The army opposing you is seemingly endless, but with quick and accurate typing you'll save the temple and learn how to type as fast as a ninja!

Tips & Tricks

Get Some Help - In between levels you will have the opportunity to buy upgrades to your castle, including purchasing archers. We highly recommend archers as they can really help out in a pinch.

Go For the Eyes - Or in this case, the guys who throw those shuriken thingies If they hit you you'll be stunned and unable to type. If they stun you, tap the up arrow quickly until you're free, then concentrate on getting rid of those pesky star throwers!

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