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Are you ready for some madness? This game will take you into another dimension where cars can jump, leap high in the air and do awesome stunts! Need for Madness takes racing to the extreme!

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Up ArrowAccelerate
Down ArrowReverse/Brake
Left/Right ArrowsTurn Left/Right
SpacebarOn the ground performs a hand brake, or when used in mid air with an arrow key will perform a trick.

Win each level by finshing the course before the other cars or by destroying all your opponenets. In order to win by finishing the course you must drive through all the checkpoints (large blue gates).

To perform a stunt simply lauch your car into the air by driving over a ramp, and then press the space bar and an arrow key at the same time. The more stunts you perform the more your power bar will fill up, causing your car to be stronger and faster. Doing several tricks in a row will gain you even more power!

If your red damage bar gets full your car will be destroyed and you will lose the stage. You can repair your car by jumping through an electrified hoop.

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