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Think you can manage a household? Think being a stay-at-home mom is easy? Now it's your turn! Nanny Mania lets you single-handedly run and maintain a crazy household. Try cleaning, cooking and doing laundry while keeping everyone out of trouble!

Nanny Mania will challenge you to keep an eye on your duties and manage your time to become the perfect Nanny!

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MouseClick on the messes to tidy them up.

It takes steady nerves and good reflexes to be a good nanny. You can do it, just keep practicing!

Tips & Tricks

Clothes Horse - One of your main jobs is to get all the clothes washed and put away. To save time, make sure to get all the clothes at once since it takes so long to do the laundry. Make sure to look around and pick up every piece before starting a load!

Coffee Break - When the coffee machine becomes available, use it often to help give you that extra burst of speed you'll need to achieve a perfect day.

    • Feb 27 2008 - Ginger W.
      Nanny Mania is the best game EVER it is so cool for kids who like to clean things and take care of kids. It is so much fun! I LOVE it!
    • Jan 31 2008 - Emily R.
      This Game is Awesome.
    • Jul 24 2007 - roxy m.
      This game is a rush! its great to get ready for babysitting. It tells you what your in for and its really fun to play!
    • Jun 16 2007 - Lee S.
      It is probably the best game in the arcade games section.
    • Jun 9 2007 - Grace C.
      I love this game. It is so much fun. I was telling my mum about it and she said, "why don't I be the nanny in our house?" I just laughed at her. Anyway, this game rocks!
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