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In My Sweet 16 Photoshoot, you're the next top model who will appear on the cover of a hot new magazine. Which one? Well, that all depends on you!

Pick your outfits and accessories carefully - the choices you make will determine which magazine you appear on. My Sweet 16 Photoshoot even lets you color every item you wear (plus hair, lipstick, eyes, and eyeshadow) exactly how you want for that perfect look!

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MouseClick on wardrobe and accessory items to put them on
MouseUse the color picker to colorize items

Better hurry! Your photo shoot is about to begin.

Tips & Tricks

Colorize Everything - Don't forget to color your selections to make them exactly how you want them! In addition to colorizing your wardrobe and accessories, how about changing the color of your hair, eyes, lipstick, and eye shadow?

Read All About It - There are six different magazines in My Sweet 16 Photoshoot that you might appear on - try different combinations of outfits to see them all!

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