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The My Sweet 16 dressup game asks the important quesiton: what will you wear to your high school dance? Invited by a secret admirer, you want to make sure you dress to impress. But no matter what outfit you pick, you're sure to look fabulous! I wonder who your secret admirer will turn out to be....

Choose from tons of cool tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, hairstyles and more in the best dressup game we've ever seen - My Sweet 16!

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MouseClick on items to try them on.

Who is your secret admirer? Well, that all depends on you. That's right, there are five different admirers - the one you get depends on what outfit you pick!

Tips & Tricks

Dress for Success - My Sweet 16 isn't a typical game - there's no right or wrong way to play, and you can't lose! Just have fun dressing up any way you like.

Who is my Admirer? - There are five different admirers in My Sweet 16 - can you find them all? Try different outfits to see who he turns out to be.

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