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All Games : Action Games : Luxor

As addictive as it is exciting, Luxor is an action-puzzle game that takes you on a thrilling adventure across the lands of Ancient Egypt!

Please note, this game does not work in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

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MouseMove paddle at bottom of screen
Mouse buttonShoot magical colored sphere
Right Mouse ButtonSwitch colors

Place 3 or more similar colored spheres next to each other to remove them from the chain. Clear out the chains before they reach the exit.

Tips & Tricks

Never stop - never stay idle, always work on removing spheres from the chains above.

Make big combos - Try to make as big of combos as possible.

Use right click - don't forget about your right click to switch colored spheres in Luxor game.

Pickup powerups - a big key to beating Luxor is proper use of powerups, try to use them where they'll do the most damage.

    • Aug 13 2007 - rex k.
      Luxor was every bit as good as Zuma, they both have the same addictive effects.
    • Jul 17 2007 - Wimpy
      Very addictive game! I still can't get past the final level 13-10 after many attempts!
    • Feb 19 2007 - carol m.
      I love this game, it is so much fun, I play it for hours, I had so much trouble on level 5-4 but I finally won over it . Just never give up . I loved it so much I now owe it . Have fun .
    • Nov 19 2006 - pat b.
      excellent and addictive game; simply cannot get past 5-4. can anyone advise, PLEASE.
    • Aug 25 2006 - Dennis H.
      I love this game! I love this cause it's FUN, its Grafics are so Real, the movements are natural, the colours are beautiful & many of it...
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