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Leo's Great Day

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Leo's Great Day is a great 3D adventure game where the object is to guide Leo through to the exit.

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Mouse ButtonMove mouse about the screen to highlight movement arrows or various items to use then click on them

Guide Leo about the world to the exit. Move the mouse about the screen to select various exit points upon which an arrow will appear.

Pickup various available items such as the teeth, rope etc. Once picked up those items will appear available on the right side. Click on an item to use it.

Tips and Tricks

Pick up every available item! Each item has it's own use.

Only read this when stuck, do not spoil the fun! Use the teeth to scare off the combat maggot. Use the rope to pick up the object at the bottom of the ravine. Find the remote control and solve the puzzle next to the generator to turn on the generator and enable the central teleporter to the next level. Be sure to pick up the piece of paper in the library, repeat the symbols on the piece of paper to the controls on rocket to go to the surface.

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