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Control the paddle and keep the ball in play to knock out all the blocks. Features many types of power ups.

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MouseMove mouse left and right to move the paddle
Space keyFire (when available)
N keyStart game
U KeyChange ball direction (when it is stuck)
S KeyStart game
P KeyPause game
1 - 9 keysAdjust game speed

Javanoid is a java breakout game. The "gold" blocks are undestructible, and the "silver" ones must be hit three times. When all the blocks (except gold ones) are gone, the next level appears and so on...

Sometimes a pill falls from the blocks, giving you a special power if you catch it with your paddle

Blue : Three balls
Green : "Glue" paddle
Yellow / grey : Big or small paddle
Red : "Gun" paddle
Orange : A life or a bonus.

Game Author Rémi Faitout

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