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Gutterball 2 is the most realistic bowling game ever, featuring five alleys, 25 new eye-catching balls, tricky computer opponents, more modes and the most realistic physics to date. Check out the rebirth of the original 3D bowling game, Gutterball 2!

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MouseClick and hold mouse button down, then move ball down and up to launch. Steer ball by moving left and right.

Tips & Tricks

Get strikes! Use the mouse to position your bowler, hold your mouse button down and drag downward to start your throw, then drag up and release the button to throw the bowling ball. How far and fast you drag up determines the speed of the ball.

Steer the BallYou can steer the ball as it is rolling towards the pins by moving your mouse left and right. This is the key to bowling strikes. Each ball handles differently.

Try Different BallsTry different bowling balls and see which one works best for you and the lane (it changes daily) you are playing.

    • Feb 28 2008 - Loretta L.
      This is the best game of bowling that I have played online and had fun paying. There was nothing boring about it.
    • Mar 18 2007 - Peter W.
      Gutterball is a quite fun and cool game. Very sharp sound and graphics.
    • Mar 14 2007 - Amaan V.
      Gutterball is really fun and challenging. In this game the hardest cpu is Tommy in Retro. It is really hard to avoid getting a gutter ball.
    • Aug 10 2006 - Glenys J.
      l love this game its like the real thing. great graphics easy to bowl, excellent try it you will love it.
    • Apr 13 2006 - anwar o.
      this game is very good and guess need full so can add some more levels.
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