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Fear the shadows, for Grammar Ninja has arrived! No verb, noun, or adjective is safe from his fearsome powers. You, too, can learn the way of the Grammar Ninja and master your parts of speech with lightning speed.

Grammar Ninja was created by a high school student and his teacher to make learning the parts of speech fun. We think they succeeded!

Play Now - Free Online
Play Grammar Ninja free online.

MouseClick on the highlighted parts of speech.

First, select your level of Grammar Ninja mastery. Then...attack those parts of speech!

Tips & Tricks

Ask a Ninja - A Grammar Ninja, that is! If you're not sure of what a particular part of speech means, roll your mouse over the question mark at the upper right - it will give you the definition.

Killer Verbs - Nouns and verbs are easy (for some of us grammar ninjas!) but do you know your pronouns and articles?

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