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Realspace Saga
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Join the war between the United Fleet and the Katuri Empire!

See the Realspace story below

Realspace 3 -
Apocalypse Returns

The The Earth has been destroyed. Human kind hangs by a thread. We must find a place the Katuri could never conquer, to make our last stand. We must return to Apocalypse Outpost.

Play Apocalypse Outpost

Apocalypse Outpost

The Katuri have smashed through the frontier and Apocalypse Outpost is the sole remaining outpost standing in their way.

Realspace 2 -
Emperor's Revenge

The Terrans with their United Fleet have laid waste to the Katuri homeworld. Gather our remaining Katuri forces, push back the Terran defilers, and take revenge by destroying their homeworld... the Earth!

Play Antaris Realspace

Antaris Realspace

Man the guns of the Antaris and protect the fleet. Make it to the last mission and take on the dreaded Katuri Juggernaught Carrier.

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The Realspace Story

The Realspace saga is an epic battle between the terrans with thier United Fleet and the Katuri Empire. In the Earth year 2357 the terrans invaded the outer worlds of the Katuri Empire. It was their never ending thirst for expansion and belief that it's their manifest destiny to rule the galaxy that drove this.

They fully underestimated the strength and resolve of the Katuri. The Katuri Empire struck back by smashing through the terran frontier. Having destroyed all outlying outposts, somehow Apocalypse Outpost managed to stave off the Katuri onslaught.

On a second front, the Katuri had the United Fleet's 5th fleet and thier mighty dreadnoughts pinned down. In Antaris Realspace, the terrans managed to run a re-supply mission to the 5th fleet. With the fleet re-supplied and with the help of the Antaris, the United Fleet turned a desparate situation to victory.

The Katuri advance fell apart. With the Katuri forces smashed and scattered, the Terrans resumed their invasion of the Katuri worlds. With blood spilled the price just raised higher than simply the conquest of the Katuri outer worlds. They invaded the heart of the Katuri Empire and devastated all worlds that would not succumb.

Fleet Command saw thier chance to end the war and ordered the invasion of Sirius Prime, the Katuri homeworld. The United Fleet smashed through thier homeworld defenses. Ending the war wasn't good enough, showing thier true colors they used weapons of mass destruction against the Katuri homeworld to ensure their conquest under the guise of it saving lives on both sides by preventing a prolonged invasion. In a miracle maneuver, a wing of Katuri suicide bombers managed to drive off the invaders.

The very heart of the empire was in shambles and thier homeworld was smashed. In Realspace 2 - Emperor's Revenge the Katuri call upon the commander of the KFS Vengeance to re-group the Katuri forces, drive the terrans from thier space, and take the ulitimate revenge by destroying the terran homeworld, the Earth!

The Apocalypse had come and the terrans had only themselves to blame as thier mighty war machine the United Fleet had failed. A place had to be found to make the terran's last stand. This was the only place the Katuri could never conquer. In Realspace 3 - Apocalypse Returns (next in the Realspace Saga) they return to Apocalypse Outpost.

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