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Frog Race is a simple, fun game that will have you hopping! Guide your frog to victory across an obstacle course and beat the rival frog to win the trophy. They don't call it Frog Race for nothing!

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MouseClick to set power meter in motion, release to jump.

Frog Race is easy to learn, but a few tips and tricks will get you hopping to victory in no time.

Tips & Tricks

Frogs Tire Easily - All that jumping is hard work. After a few power jumps, you'll find your power meter starting to show some red - that means the maximum jump you can perform is smaller than normal.

Drink Frog Juice - Feeling tired? Don't worry, just hop on to a yellow bottle of Frog Juice and your power meter will get reset all the way! Also, try jumping on trampolines for extra distance.

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