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Why has everyone fled the islands? There's not a person in sight! Who will feed the animals and find out what scared the people away? Professor Fizzwizzle, of course!

FizzBall brings back our diminutive hero, Professor Fizzwizzle, in a brick breaking bonanza. Help the Professor bounce bubbles, rescue hungry animals, and solve a mystery, all at the same time! Download FizzBall now, and prepare to be impressed.

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    • Jun 29 2007 - mike
      It was great! I loved it so I showed it to my sister and she loved it too. All of my friends now play it.
    • Apr 29 2007 - jennifer m.
      I love this game. I don't know why, but it's great. I think it is great for kids learning their animals and about conservation. I'm an adult gamer and I love it too.
    • Jan 16 2007 - Joseph
      I was happily playing Fizzball, when my wife stole my laptop for 3 and a half hours so SHE could play. After that, it was stolen 2 other times by two other people. - Review
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