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Voyage around the world as you produce your own personalized Fireworks Extravaganza using a vast array of glorious fireworks at your disposal. To complete the challenge, your must amaze the crowds with fireworks like they've never seen before!

With its incredibly addictive gameplay, stunning fireworks graphics and explosive sound effects, Fireworks Extravaganza will turn your life into one tremendous fireworks show!

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Play Fireworks Extravaganza free online.

MouseClick on shapes at the bottom of the screen to pick them up. Right click to rotate a piece once you have got it. Move them into place and click again to put them down.

You'll have to be quick to put on a great fireworks show.

Tips & Tricks

Fill Em' Up! - One fully completed shape is worth more than three partially completed shapes, so concentrate on one at a time.

Use the Garbage Disposal - If you get stuck with a piece you just don't know what to do with, dump it in the garbage disposal to get a new one.

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