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After years of development Feudalism 3, the sequel to the smash hit RPG / Combat game is ready for pillage, plunder, and new fancy gear. The world is in turmoil once again and a great conqueror is needed to bring low the giant armies of those who oppose you. Lead your armies for king and country to dominate the world.

5 great kingdoms now occupy the world and a war is brewing between them all. Each kingdom has two possible class selections, ranging from mighty warriors to powerful wizards to archers and gunslingers. Each kingdom has a completely unique skill tree to upgrade your hero with. Collect powerful equipment and upgrade it with magical runes found throughout the world. Recruit soldiers of various powers, fight in real time, and lead your army on a conquest of epic proportions.

See where is all began with Feudalism 1 or Feudalism 2!

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Mouse ClickMove
# Keys 1-9 Special Abilities

Pay special attention to the tutorial as a lot has changed since Feudalism 2. Sometimes you're going to die, don't worry, the game auto-saves. Build up a different army of troops and try again!

Tips & Tricks

You're immortal! - Death is only temporary for you now, so don't be afraid to dive into the thick of it!

Rune your Day - Forging of magical weapons and armor is now more robust than ever. Having trouble with a specific kingdom? Forge weapons and armors that give large bonuses against that specific kingdom!

Go for the Cleric - Taking out the weakly armored clerics and ranged units can tip a battle in your favor. Now that death is temporary don't be afraid to dive behind enemy lines and make a mess of things!

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