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The greatest RPG / Combat game in the world continues with Feudalism 2! Once again you start your quest as the ruler of a small town with the lofty goal of making yourself the king of kings.

Select from a dozen pre-made heroes from 6 different nations or create your very own customized hero as you gain skills, abilities, equipment, and forge magical items. Recruit soldiers, conquer cities, and see how fast you can go from small town hero to the greatest general the world has ever known!

Don't forget to give Feudalism 1 a try as well and see what started it all!

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WASD KeysMove
Space or InsertStrike
ShiftSwap Weapons
1-6Select Special

Read through the tutorial and learn carefully what your master teaches you. Build up a large force before trying to conquer your first city.

Tips & Tricks

Don't Be A Hero - The first one in is the first one dead. If you are low on health potions don't risk being in the middle of a swarm of enemies, stay to the outside and take them out one at a time.

Magical Weapons - Unlike the original, enemies no longer drop magic weapons; instead you can forge your very own with runes you find in your journey. A magic weapon can really save your day so forge as often as you can afford!

Complete Skill List - For a complete list of skills in Feudalism 2, click here.

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