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Rating: 3.84/5.00
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Become the big fish! Grow from a little fish by going on a big Feeding Frenzy to become the big fish of the sea. Devour everything in sight. Tons of fun!

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MousePoint to where to swim to.
Mouse ButtonClick to swim forward.

Eat up all the fish smaller than you but do not eat fish larger than you. Eat up all the small fish to beat the level and progress to the next level. Can you go on a Feeding Frenzy and eat up all the little fishies in the sea?

Tips & Hints:

Stay in middle - Avoid the sides of the screen where large enemy fish can appear at any time.

Use Feeding Frenzy Bonuses - eat many fish quickly to go on a feeding frenzy and get large bonuses.

    • Dec 4 2007 - X X.
      One of the best games I've ever played. 3 Thumbs up, 12 Stars and a pat on the back for the maker.
    • Feb 25 2007 - donna w.
      I have been hooked on Feeding Frenzy since the first time I played it and FF2 is just as good!
    • Aug 9 2006 - Samantha D.
      This game is great!! Never want to stop!!!
    • Jun 8 2006 - dylan g.
      I totaly loved this game....or i wouldn't be writing this review
    • Apr 15 2006 - tommy
      its fun see :Dbye bye
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    Feeding Frenzy 2

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