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Endless War 3 is a great tactical combat sim. Guide your hero against wave after wave of intelligent opponents as you fight to the finish. Use dozens of different weapons, and pick up weapons from fallen enemies and friends as you play. Command your allies to give you the maximum tactical advantage!

Endless War 3 takes some skill to master, but if you're a fan of shooting games this one will keep you entertained for hours!

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WASDMove your fighter
Mouse ButtonFire
SpaceAlternate attack
1-4Switch between weapons
RReload your gun
GDrop gun and pick up another
QCommand your troops

Learning to use all of your weapons and secondary attack modes is key to survival and victory. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Tips & Tricks

Let Them Come to You - If you rush out into combat you'll be torn to shreds by both your enemies and your friends. Take on your opponents one at a time if possible.

Born to Lead - Using the Q key to activate command mode is vital. When the firefight starts, use it to direct your allies' fire against especially tough opponents to take them out.

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