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Death Star Battles

Rating: 3.81/5.00
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A great artillery game inspired by the classic game Gravity Wars.

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MouseUse to select options and aim your shots.

Suggested settings: 3 players, 1 human / 2 cpu, 3 stations per player, and tournament mode (see more options button). Learn how to take on Megabot... VERY FUN!

When it is your turn, use the mouse or the sliders at the bottom to select an angle and power with which to fire your shot at an opponent's battle station. Shots are effected by the gravity of the planets and stars. Once the appropriate angle and power is selected press the 'end turn' button to switch to your next station. Once the turn for all stations have been entered then the shots are fired and the resulting chaos can be watched.

If you feel your station is in a bad location then use the hyperspace button to randomly teleport your station to another location at the end of that turn, this is instead of firing! Click hyperspace, which will change the display from showing your angle and power to "hyperspacing..." and then press the end turn button.

Game Author: Ian Bolland

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