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You are the fabled dragon Vector and must clear the skies of a variety of enemies. Luckily you have six different types of dragon breath available: fire, steel, meteors, ice, snot, and spike bombs.

As you fly around the screen, be on the lookout for enemy airships, dragon riders, and of course other dragons. Use the right type of dragon breath to bring down each enemy quickly and efficiently and soon you'll be master of the skies!

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MouseMove, click to fire
1-6 KeysSwitch projectiles (or click on icon to switch)
SpacebarActivate spike bombs (for projectile #6 only)

Your job is to rule the skies and shoot down everything that gets in your way. To do so you'll need to master all 6 types of projectiles you can shoot, and get to know the different kinds of enemies.

Tips & Tricks

Use the Right Weapon - Each of the six different weapons does different damage to different opponents. If one type of projectile isn't working, try switching to another one.

Shoot Down Airships - You don't have to destroy the hull of the airships to shoot them down. Just pick off all the guys standing on the deck and down it goes!

Dragons Are Cool - You can bounce fireballs off the top scaly part of your dragon. You can bounce ice off the bottom smooth part of your dragon. Being a dragon is cool that way.

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