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Defend Your Castle

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Defend Your Castle from oncoming hordes. Great fun where you defend your castle from hordes of oncoming enemies.

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Mouse ButtonClick on an enemy, hold button, throw them up in the air, then release button.
1 or A keyUse wizard spell 1 / Instant Death (when available)
2 or S keyUse wizard spell 2 / Explosion (when available)
3 or D keyUse wizard spell 3 / Instant Conversion (when available)

Defend your castle from the oncoming enemies. Click on an enemy and while holding down the mouse button, throw them up in the air hard enough that when they drop they die.

Tips & Strategy Guide

Save your money! - Never spend money repairing your castle, the workshop does that for free. Buy the temple, workshop, mana pool, and archery range in that order. Do not buy or use the demolition lab, demo'ing your units wastes your precious units that are otherwise better assigned to archery or wizard duty. In beginning levels, defend on your own, buy the equipement first, and do not fortify or assign units until after level 9. This saves unit upkeep cost so you can buy the mana pool asap which allows you to make wizards.

Convert enemies all the times - Once you have a temple, drop an enemy into your castle to convert them to your side. A converted enemy becomes available at the top. Click a flag on top the castle to put an available unit to work once you have an archery range, workshop, etc. Continue converting at all times. Load up on wizards fast. Once wizard instant convert spell is available, us it to quickly amass a huge army of wizards and archers. We've loaded with 200 wizards and archers each, lot's of fun!

Archers, Workshop, and Wizards - Wizards and archers are the best defenders. Archery range workers automatically kill enemies for you. Workshop workers automatically repair your castle. Mana pool workers perform spells as selected by wizard spell keys.

Beware unit upkeep - upkeep is charged for each assigned friendly unit at the end of each round. Upkeep is not charged for unsassinged units. The charge is 200 for 1 Wizard, 200 for 1 Archer, and 50 for 1 Builder. If you do not keep enough money to pay for the upkeep before you hit OK to go onto the next round, you will lose your units.

To use the demolition lab, click on a man at the top of the screen then he will run out, click on him again to explode him and destroy surrounding enemies. Tip: do not use demolition lab as it wastes precious units otherwise better assinged to duty.

How to kill the giants - use wizard instant death and explosion spells as appropriate. Archers also kill giants, albiet at their own pace.

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