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Blast tons of aliens with loads of upgrades, powerups, enemies, and huge bosses. Very easy to learn game play with high performance accelerated graphics (download version). Clash N Slash is serious heart pumping action! A personal favorite of this reviewer, the full version took 30 hours of this reviewer's time :-)

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MouseMove ship about the planet
Mouse ButtonFire. Hold down for auto-fire

Blast the enemies before they impact your planet. Once the planet's lifeline is gone your planet explodes and the game is over.

Avoid contact with your ship and the enemies or your ship gets damaged and can explode upon which your planet will take time to build another new ship.

Tips & Tricks

Use upgrades wisely - Use the planet and weapon upgrades wisely on the right items.

Use bombs and mines - Shoot the mines and bombs in the right situations to cause huge chain reactions.

Boss Levels - Concentrate on taking out the little enemies attacking your planet then when you get breathing room lob a volley of shots into the bosses. (full version only).

Planet upgrades - On later harder levels concentrate on build planet regeneration capabilities then planet defense.

Weapon upgrades - Upgrade your weapon first then concentrate on reload then other upgrades afterwards. The more weapon fire you launch over a period of time the more damage you can do. Some weapon upgrades cause very long reload times so be careful mixing weapon upgrades with reload upgrades. In fact we found some weapon upgrades less useful than simply upgrading shot speed.

    • Jun 13 2006 - Danielle A.
      Cool weapens! They're the action!
    • Apr 28 2006 - Michael C.
      this games is super cool
    • Oct 31 2005 - larrissa r.
      this is the most brilliant gmae ever i have completed on web version and i think its brilliant the best game ever
    • Oct 21 2005 - David P.
      I never liked alien shooters until now, in his brilliant game you control a ship defending your planet with several weapons and upgrades and you can also build buildings on your planet!
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