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Quench your puzzle solving addiction with BLOX Forever. Treat yourself to 100 brand new levels with all new graphics, sounds, and music. Handle new challenges such as gem traps, chain reaction bombs, slug blox, instant death skull blox, and one way signs in addition to old favorites such as lasers, warp gates, magnets, water & lava pits, bombs, and much more. Even create your own levels with the level editor!

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MouseMove over blox that you want to move
Mouse buttonClick and hold down to drag selected blox left or right.

Move and combine similar blox to remove them from the board. Eliminate all colored gem blox to solve the puzzle and proceed to the next level.

Read the help screen within the game for more instructions.

Developed By - Brian Fisher
Graphics - Rok Dovecar
Music - Jason Graves
Sound FX - Bjorn Lynne

    • Nov 7 2006 - Jennifer B.
      Very addictive...I love this game...wish I could find more just like it !!!!
    • Sep 21 2006 - margalie b.
      this game is so hot and cool you guys should try it out some times
    • Mar 6 2006 - william p.
      my sister loves this game & i love this game too!
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