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Automaton is the first episode in an epic adventure set in a futuristic kingdom. A noble professor with a guilty conscience has created you to bring peace to the world and overthrow the iron-fisted rule of the King.

Using your limited psychokinetic powers (the ability to move objects at a distance with your mind) you must solve intricate puzzles and help steer the professor to safety...and in the process, learn the destiny of the Automaton!

Automaton walkthrough If you get stumped, just check out this walkthrough.

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MouseClick on items to interact with them.

The first episode of Automaton sets the stage for what is to come, and familiarizes you with how the Automaton interacts with the environment. The puzzles are rather straightforward but the story is quite compelling.

Tips & Tricks

Use Your Mind! - Automaton has a limited Telekinetic ability which you can use to manipulate small objects in the environment. Click on every item you can find to see what happens!

Alphabet Soup - Stuck on the code puzzle? Count using your fingers - not numbers, but letters! A, B, C....

Still Stumped? - If you're still having a hard time, we have a complete walkthrough of the game. It's a spoiler, so only try this if you really can't figure out what to do next. Click here to see the complete Automaton walkthrough.

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