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It's time to hunt down the bad guys in Ammo Chase! Your Humvee is in pursuit of terrorists in the blue car, so start shooting and bring those terrorists to justice.

Watch out for roadside bombs left by the terrorists which will slow you down unless you shoot them. Ammo Chase is non-stop shooting action!

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MouseMove cursor over enemy car and roadside bombs to shoot them.

Don't worry about clicking, your gun is set to autofire - and you'll never run out of bullets!

Tips & Tricks

Keep Your Eye on the Prize - It's easy to get caught up in shooting roadside bombs, but don't forget your goal is to catch up to the enemy car. Every second you're not shooting at the blue car is a second wasted!

End Game - Your strategy should change when you get very close to the enemy car. Start trailing your mouse right behind the enemy to blow up the roadside bombs, then zig out and score some hits to slow it down even more.

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