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In Ammo Ambush 2 you're stuck deep behind enemy lines with only your trusty sniper rifle and a whole lot o' bullets!

Slowly make your way towards the rescue helicopter, picking off enemy soldiers, mines, and other hazards on your way. Go into sniper mode to take out foes at a distance, or get up close and personal with some well-placed rifle shots. Pass the ammunition - Ammo Ambush 2 is a blast!

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MouseAim and shoot
Up ArrowRun forward
Down ArrowEnter Sniper mode
Left, Right ArrowsMove left/right

This time you're trapped far behind enemy lines and must blast your way out.

Tips & Tricks

Only Fools Rush In - This is not a time trial, so rushing blindly ahead will get you nothing but dead. Take your time, pick off the enemies one by one, and you'll stay alive and get a good score.

What's Mine is Mine - Stay away from the minefields and enemy supply depots. Blast them from a distance or they will do some serious damage if you get too close.

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