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It's you against an entire army. Good thing the army can't hit the broad side of a barn! Also good that you have an awesome arsenal of weapons to keep the bad guys at bay. As a last resort, use your Air Strike to take out everything on the field, but doing so will end the game.

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MouseAim & Fire
Left Arrow / AMachinegun
Right Arrow / SBazooka
Down Arrow / DMinefield
Up Arrow / FAir Support
EnterReturn to Menu

Use your weapons to blast the foot soldiers and helicopters that appear. If they overrun your position it's game over. Keep your eye on the distance meter to see how far they've progressed.

Tips & Tricks

Air Strike as Last Resort - Triggering the Air Strike will take out every opponent on the field, but will end the game. Save this for when things look hopeless, you'll get some bonus points before the game ends.

Use the Minefield - When the distance readout gets into the red, use your minefield to take out all the foot soldiers near your position.

Blast those Helicopters - It's fun, and they give you lots of points.

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