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Death and Betrayal in Romania CE
Trapped by a lovestruck ghost! New! 
Age of Castles
Build up your castle!
Fetch How far would you go to save your pet? New!  Braveland A new tale for new heroes! Dragon Keeper Grow, baby dragon, grow!
Beholder Seize control of your destiny in a dystopian world Gardens Inc. 4 - Blooming Stars CE Travel around the world alongside Jill and Mike! Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders Put your investigative skills to the test!
Oozi Earth Adventure Phone home Mythic Wonders - Philosopher's Stone CE Discover the Philosopher's Stone's secrets! Order of the Light - The Deathly Artisan Paranormal activity turned Smalltown upside-down!
Amaranthine Voyage - The Living Mountain CE Return once again to a fantastic world! Pahelika Adventure by the book Where Angels Cry - Tears of the Fallen CE Can you stop the obsessed inquisitor?
Covert Front Alone behind enemy lines Mystery of the Ancients - Three Guardians CE The town of Green Hill has gone to the birds! Rare Treasures Run your dinnerware factory
Wildhollow Adventure awaits! A Gypsy's Tale Break the curse Witches' Legacy - Hunter and the Hunted CE Infiltrate the Order of Witch Hunters!
More great adventure games
Revived Legends - Road of the Kings Bermuda Escape Submachine 5
Submachine 4 The Fog Fall Dark Parables - Jack and the Sky Kingdom
Covert Front 2 Covert Front 4 Wonderland Secret Worlds
Covert Front 3 Wonderland Adventures Piggly
Escape Artist Crazy Chicken Tales Anka
The Fog Fall 2 Northern Tale 4 Dr. Who Episode 5
Submachine FLF Piggly Xmas Tortuga 2
Dragon Keeper 2 New York Mysteries - High Voltage Dr. Who
Dr. Who Episode 4 Merlin's Revenge 2 Turtix Rescue Adventure
Tortuga Tortuga 3 Dr. Who Episode 2
Hidden Secrets Mysteries of Fire Island Submachine 2
Dr. Who Episode 3 Submachine The Fog Fall 3
Automaton Azada Charger Escape
Hapland 2 Relationship Revenge Leo's Great Day
Otomaco Soap Bubble Submachine 3
Submachine Zero Pricilla Gone Missing Bouncin Bop
Gateway 2 Starship 7 The New World HS
Gorax Episode 3 Maestro - Dark Talent Collector's Edition New! 
HS: Games with High Scores

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