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In Absolute Zero you must battle a rogue ice machine that is bent on freezing us all! Combine three or more blocks of ice with the same symbols to clear them, and thwart the malicious ice machine's frosty plans once and for all!

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Arrow Keys, MouseMove
Space Bar, Mouse ButtonRelease piece

Absolute Zero can be played with either the mouse or keyboard - or both. Try both ways and see what works best for you

Tips & Tricks

Click to Fire - One great trick is that you can actually just click on a block you want to hit, and then your ice machine will automatically run over to that location and drop the block - you don't have to move there first!

Powerups Rule - Using the powerups available to you will really help you clear the levels faster. Save up your points for the row cleaner or bomb and you'll be advancing through the levels in no time!

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