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Enjoy these free game downloads and shareware demos for PC/Windows computers.

These free game downloads can be downloaded on a PC/Windows computer.

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1: Dangerous Games - Prisoners of Destiny CE
Escape from a deadly game world! New! 
2: Roads of Rome - New Generation
Help Marcus Victorious restore the Roman Empire! New! 
3: Delicious - Emily's Hopes and Fears PE Join a father on an epic journey New!  4: Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side Battle chickens to save the day! 5: Christmas Stories - A Christmas Carol Everyone deserves a second chance New! 
6: Moai 3 - Trade Mission Reclaim a stolen artifact! New!  7: Chicken Invaders 4 The ultimate omelette 8: Garfield Kart Join Garfield in this funny FUR-ious game! New! 
9: Arizona Rose Puzzle Pack Embark on two amazing adventures with Arizona Rose New!  10: Gnomes Garden 2 Defeat the queen of trolls and bring magic back! New!  11: Gold Miner Vegas There be gold!
12: Solitaire - Valentine's Day - Match 2 Cards A card game and a love story New!  13: Chicken Invaders 3 Are you chicken? 14: Feeding Frenzy 2 Feeding frenzy fun
15: Dark Dimensions - Somber Song CE Save the town of Seven Oaks from a dark dimension! New!  16: Virus 3 The fun is spreading... 17: Rescue Team 5 Join the world famous Rescue Team! New! 
18: Magic Haven - Escape From Imhotep Outwit Imhotep and free the magic creatures! New!  19: Age of Castles Build up your castle! 20: Jewel Quest 2 Long live the Quest!
More great downloads
Jojo’s Fashion Show 3 Holiday Jigsaw - Valentine's Day 3 New!  Feeding Frenzy
Puzzle Express Cooking Academy 3 Martial Arts: Capoeira
Turtle Odyssey 2 Nanny Mania Big City Adventure Shanghai New! 
Grim Tales - Bloody Mary New!  Chicken Invaders 3 Xmas Rise of Atlantis
Cooking Academy 2 Pizza Frenzy Iggle Pop
Ocean Range 2 Farm Frenzy 4 Danse Macabre - The Last Adagio CE New! 
Gunner 2 Haunted Train - Spirits of Charon New!  World's Greatest Places Mosaics New! 
Aquanoid 2 Reloaded New!  Deer Drive Farm Mania Hot Vacation
Clash N Slash HS Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home New!  Gutterball 2
Platypus Farm Mania Farm Frenzy 2

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