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Surface - Reel Life
Film is a dangerous place!
Nov 2016
Gold Rush Treasure Hunt
Dig this!
Nov 2016
Legendary Slide Platinum Edition
Restore the ancient temple!
Nov 2016
Off the Record - The Italian Affair
Catch a ‘Foxy’ thief!
Nov 2016
Fish vs Zombies Solitaire Double Pack
Two fun and exciting solitaire games!
Nov 2016
Tales of Terror - House on the Hill CE
Danger wasn’t listed on the brochure!
Nov 2016
Grim Tales - The Vengeance CE
Prove your nephew is innocent!
Nov 2016
Crossroad Mysteries - The Broken Deal
There is no future without knowledge of the past.
Nov 2016
Solitaire - Match 2 Cards - Thanksgiving Day
Enjoy turkey day with this exciting solitaire game
Nov 2016
Four Seasons Around the World - Spring in Japan
Discover Japanese culture in Spring!
Nov 2016
World's Greatest Cities Mosaics
Discover seven of the greatest cities in the world
Nov 2016
Sky Crew
Let your dreams take flight!
Nov 2016
Bubble Shooter Adventures
Drift into hours of care-free bubble popping fun!
Nov 2016
The Secret of Arcanesium
How good of a sleuth are you?
Nov 2016
Kingdom of Aurelia - Mystery of Poisoned Dagger PE
Help Sam solve the mystery of the poisoned dagger
Nov 2016
Alicia Griffith Lakeside Murder
Help Alicia solve a mystery behind a ritual murder
Nov 2016
Popper Lands Colony
A new colony is appearing in Popper Lands!
Nov 2016
Fear for Sale - Phantom Tide
Ghostly warnings in the water
Nov 2016
Laruaville 5
Shipwrecked on an uninhabited island!
Nov 2016
Weather Lord - Royal Holidays
Play as the hero and the villain!
Nov 2016
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