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Rite of Passage - Hide and Seek
Strange force is hiding in the fog of Greystone
Feb 2017
Incredible Dracula III - Family Secret
Save Dracula from pesky relatives!
Feb 2017
Grim Legends - Song of the Dark Swan CE
Prove the young queen's innocence!
Feb 2017
The Trials of Olympus III - King of the World
Epic conclusion to The Trials of Olympus trilogy!
Feb 2017
Shadow Wolf Mysteries - Under the Crimson Moon CE
A blood moon has risen over a rural village
Feb 2017
Legendary Slide
Restore the ancient temple!
Feb 2017
Ball of Wonder
Do clowns scare you? It's time to take revenge!
Feb 2017
Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action! CE
Follow your dreams!
Feb 2017
Barnyard Mahjong 3
A grand adventure around the farm!
Feb 2017
Myths of the World - Of Fiends and Fairies CE
The rat catcher’s after more than rats.
Feb 2017
Fourtex Zen
Imagine your zen garden...hand-crafted!
Feb 2017
Gnomes Garden 4 - New Home
Obtain the Crystal of Eternal Light!
Feb 2017
Tales of Terror - House on the Hill
Danger wasn’t listed on the brochure!
Feb 2017
In Service of the Queen
Barbarians are pillaging our villages!
Feb 2017
Fairy Tale Griddlers - Red Riding Hood Secret
A real fairy tale brain teaser!
Feb 2017
Passage 4
Find all the best parts of classic board games!
Feb 2017
Solitaire Valentine's Day 2
What can be more exciting than a first date?
Feb 2017
Lost Legends - The Weeping Woman CE
Uncover the truth of an urban legend!
Feb 2017
Holiday Jigsaw Valentine's Day 4
Romantic jigsaw puzzles for a heart-filled day!
Feb 2017
Secrets of the Dark - The Dark Flower of Shadow CE
A beloved daughter has vanished!
Feb 2017
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